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An'Gelique Humphrey, Founder
An'Gelique is a former kindergarten teacher at Morningside Elementary and has taught various grade levels and subjects. She has a B.A. in Media Arts with a concentration in film and radio. While attending college her minor was in theatre with a specialization in Children's Theatre. An'Gelique has coached for children's plays including, The Wiz and Jack and the Beanstalk. Her passion is art and pushing children to have confidence in themselves!
LaDonna McNeil, 

LaDonna McNeil is the founder and coordinator of LaMac Electric in Houston, Texas. After raising three children as a single mother, she discovered her passion for helping and mentoring troubled youth. LaDonna opened her home to teens with substance abuse parents and devotes her time to ensuring these teens further their education after high school. She believes all children deserve the chance to follow their dreams.

About FAME
Many times we have talents that are never developed or we discover passions later in life that we could have developed early with the proper exposure. FAME Fine Arts Academy is a program that was founded on the principle that all children are artists. The imaginations and creativity that we possess as children is often lost as we become adults. FAME wants to provide a platform and the opportunity for children to express themselves freely through various art forms. 

FAME is family-owned and operated right here in Atlanta, Georgia . Other childrens' programs may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. 
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Committed to helping our children achieve their dreams!
Alea Tehuti,
Alea is the former student events coordinator for Bauder College. She has planned various health awareness seminars and even fashion shows. She has experience working with children ranging from pre-K to graduates in college. Alea has a B.A. in Pschology and is currently working on her Master's. She believes that all children are capable of learning and that it just takes that one special teacher with the patience and understanding.  
Jamie Jenkins,
Curriculum Specialist
A former high school teacher for Fulton County and a current administrator for Teach for America, Ms. Jenkins is our Curriculum Specialist and on our Board of DIrectors. She oversees new studies that will better improve our program and she provides leadership and mentoring to our youth. She has been president of her alma mater's NAACP chapter as well as planned pageants and showcases at the high school level. She's an avid painter and loves the visual arts.
Tristan Hines,
A former Marine, Tristan has been an Assitant Director for various productions at FAME Fine Arts. He is a mentor to our young men and has experience coaching youth softball. He has modeled for different clothing lines, including George Butler and ReQuest. He also has worked in the music industry as A&R and a promotional director for entertainment companies within the Atlanta area. Tristan believes that with hard word work comes great rewards and that nothing is given, but earned.
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